The crab's thought
(last updating: May 2002 )
What the crab thinks in hishole-garden.

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On February 2000, when ice blocks falled from the sky (do you remember?)I found a strange cd-rom containing a science fiction novel. I had to translatethis work from an unknown language. Now my knowledge of this language hasbeen increased. So I want to republish the Saudar Constitution a littlebetter translated and with many notes. I also have published a poem, inthe 'famous sentences' section, that is very known and declaimed in a Planetfeast day similar to our May labour day.

Constitution of the planet Saudar

1. Every living being is sacred and inviolable, with boundsstated by surviving needs. All the planet species are described in theofficial publication foreseen by the Law. (1) Every any species individual, in any way born, has the right to continuehis life in the environment he chose.

2. The any [intelligent] (2) species individuals are, by nature, Universe citizens. They have the same rightsand the same duties.

3. The Felpa and Wariti People is sovereign in the planet Saudar. He chose a democratic republican regulation for himself. They namedit Civilization.

4. Suffering is outlawed in the planet Saudar. The Civilizationmust avoid any suffering to its citizens. (3)

5. Every citizen can do what he wants, but can't objectivelydisturb any other citizen. The Civilization punishs any people troublingother people. The Law states when and how a toubling is objective. (4)

6. Every citizen has the right to be medically treatedand cured if he falls ill or he is wounded. The Civilization must set upand maintain the public soundness. (5)

7. Every citizen has the right to eat and drink enough.The Civilization must feed its citizens. (6)

8. Every citizen has the right to wear clothes good forevery season. The Civilization must clothe its citizens. (7)

9. Every citizen has the right to inhabit and sleep inan enough wide, airy and confortable house. The Civilization must givea confortable house to its citizens. (8)

10. Every citizen has the right to move himself when hewants to any accessible part of the Universe. The Civilization must supplyits citizens with no polluting vehicles in order to protect their free traffic.

11. Every citizen has the right to be informed on everything.The Civilization supports and protects the free public information. (9)

12. Every citizen has the right to freely express hisopinions on every topic with any allowable way. The Civilization assuresopinion, thought, printing and transmission through the net freedom.

13. Every citizen has the right to meet anybody when andwhere he wants. The Civilization organizes locations where the people canmeet other people.

14. Every citizen has the right to practise any kind ofsexual activity and to reproduce with the bounds imposed by the necessarybirth control. The Civilization protects sex freedom and the demographicbalance among all the living species.

15. Every citizen has the right-duty to do one or moreactivities contributing to public useful actions and to the material andspiritual planet growth. The Civilization must organize any kind ov activityon the planet, in order to avoid healthy people could be unemployed. (10)

16. The Saudar Regulation foresees three separate powers:legislative, executive and judicial power.

17. The Parliament, exercising the legislative power,is composed by people delegates elected every 5 years. They are 100 delegatesand they meet every day since the sunrise till the sunset, in order towrite and update the necessary laws.

18. The Civilisation states the maximum number of possiblelaws: 300.

19. Every law, before its promulgation, must be publishedon the planet net, so all people can read it.

20. Each law can be divided into a maximum of 50 items.

21. Each item must be written in a clear Saudaric languageand can't contain more than 200 words.

22. Evry law is identified by a number, from 1 to 300,and by a title containing non more than 20 words.

23. At least 2 days before the promulgation, every lawmust be translated into a form good for a computer process and added tothe data-base of the Central Saudar Informatic System, in order to avoidany wrong interpretation.

24. No law can contradict this Constitution. If that couldhappen an automatic processing should reject such a law and invalidateit.

25. The Government, exercising the executive power, iscomposed by Ministers and must care that all people abide by the laws,aided by the law clearness and by the possibility to access the centraldata-base. A proper software product will address and correct the Governmentactions.

26. The Magistracy, exercising the judicial power, iscomposed by some law experts charged to resolve the controversies, investigateon crimens and punish the criminals. They are aided by the law clearnessand by the possibility to access the central data-base. A proper softwareproduct will address and correct the Magistracy actions.

27. All harmful and useless honours as President, Honourable,Director, Doctor, Notary, Lawyer, Excellency, Corporal, Family doctor,Knight, Garbage collector, Fruiterer, Restorer, are abolished. A completelist will be published in the completion law.

28. Manufacturing, using and distribution of dangerousobjects as arms, drug, money, credit cards, lighters, placards, loud-speakers,is forbidden. A complete list will be published in the completion law.

29. Since the Saudar People rejects the war and has verymuch other things to do, he considers unnecessary to maintain an army.Only if some far 'intelligent' species could have the stupid idea to aggressour planet, the People should organize his army to defend himself.